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Topic: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Hi neighbors! My well pump has suddenly stopped working!! Can anyone direct me to an emergency service ... yeah I know, it’s the weekend :-(

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Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

If you are still in need, try Steve Kreider at Country Town Drilling (509) 997-1325.  He's located in Carlton.

He's always busy but will do his best to respond if a homeowner is in dire straits.    No water = dire straits.

Mike Perkins
Carlton, WA


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Thank you SO much Mike! I’ll give him a call. Xx


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Did you get water?  It would be nice to have someone in this area that could do it all.


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

I use Omak Machine Shop for well service up Twisp River.

Address: 505 Okoma Dr, Omak, WA 98841
Phone: (509) 826-1030
Mon - Fri
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

> biglakejudy wrote:

> personally, I think its unfair to try and tap into business people on non business days.  Your water is out and it isn't fun but don't expect someone to work on their days off.  Like I say, its not fair.

Where do you get off with a statement like that??  Isn't that up to the business weather they respond or not... Most utilities will charge extra for weekend work if they chose to answer the call. It's certainly fine to request for help no matter what day to see if you can get someone.

Doug Aaron

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Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Your reprimand was harsh. The  business I contacted is not a one man show....none of those people, you will be happy to know, responded. The professional crew I found are geared for 24/7, 7 days a week. They were here in 2 hrs, yes, I’m paying top dollar and happy to do that.
Thanks to Mike and Doug for their posts! Steve Kreidler for his help and O’Connell Drilling for their willing, EXCELLENT service, happy for the business.


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Steve’s a big boy and doesn’t need parenting, he regretfully told me he was slammed and gave me great contact info for a fix. End of story.


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Caring not parenting.

Judy Brezina


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Business is business, no matter the day of the week, the time of the day.  That is why they go out of their way to let people know they do emergency repairs.  Doctors, EMS, Fire Fighters, even the Septic tank guy all make emergency calls.   I just think when someone finds a person who will that they let the rest of us frustrated searches know what kind of response they got so we too can frequent that persons business when needed and not waste our time on all the snow flakes. What did it turn out being anyway?  Thanks, Carrie Peterkin


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Had a blown power switch, nothing too major!
Great service from O’Connell Drilling out of Brewster. They seem to be the only emergency on-call well crew in out area. 509-689-1212.


Re: Well Pump Not Working..... FIXED!

Thanks for letting me know, not sure why everything seems to go on a glitch after 5 pm or usually on a Friday Night of a 3 day weekend.  Carrie