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I want to float the river tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long it would take to go from the Barn to the pull out by the RV park before Twisp. Can anyone give me the rundown? Thanks!


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aprox two hours.


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Two hours seems short if it's a float - like on a tube or raft. 

Probably close if one is paddling a kayak.

David Wilkinson


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I caught the trango with some folks that floated from Winthrop to Twisp in 4.5 hours.


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Thanks for the info! Any way to make it more of a 2 hour trip with inner tubes? I don't know of any other spots to leave the river (I'm just getting to explore the area after being here a couple years).


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I think it is still moving quite fast for this time of the year, with the mild temps up until this week it is still going at a decent click.  I know the rafters this week end went by so swiftly it almost did not make be mad that they dare have fun well I toil in the soil pulling rocks from the earth. Carrie Peterkin


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If you are going from Winthrop to Twisp, I highly recommend that you do it in something you can steer. Your tailbone will be imperiled if you go much further than the KOA in a tube, and there are some new wave trains along the route that dumped several people over the weekend. They're not big ones, but you have to hit them right. You will also encounter some trees to avoid.


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I recommend a paddle and a life vest for tubing, especially the latter right now. I've floated from Carlton to Gold Creek a couple times and there are places the water is very fast + strong; I watched boaters struggle to maintain position in their favorite fishing spots all weekend, and when I took a spill in a serious current I was grateful the floating part was taken care of while I floundered around for my tube and oar.