Topic: Seeking land to lease/caretake

Hi there,
Next spring my girlfriend and I are hoping to move onto at least 1 acre of water-front land and to live there for at least 1 year. We'd like to live out of our tepee, plant a garden and some food producing trees, rotationally graze our small herd of goats on nearby properties, and do you a few favors if necessary.
We don't want to use any of the existing facilities except for a water spigot, and possibly one electrical outlet as well as animal barn if you don't want us to build one ourselves.
We could pay a small annual fee.
I'm not interested in anything too far from the valley bottom; it must be a practical place for us and our goats to spend the winter; that is with decent southern exposure and plenty of vegetation so our need for hay is minimal. I like the properties along the Twisp-Carlton road for example.
I'll be in and out of the valley for the rest of summer and would like to visit any potential places.
406 213 6997