Topic: Verizon signal booster?

Probably beating a dead horse with this topic here. But does anyone have any experience with cell phone signal boosters? Specifically Verizon.  Any recommended types or used ones for sale?  I have a weak intermittent signal at my location. Not trying to get streaming fast data or anything. Just trying to get a reliable signal for basic SMS and email.  Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


Isaac Davis


Re: Verizon signal booster?

A friend of mine had great luck with a cheap, simple antenna like this one....
About $20 from Amazon.

He used it on an overturned 12” metal pie plate for a base.  Went from one bar and almost no reception, to 4 bars and great reception.


Re: Verizon signal booster?

Call Verizon  - tell them about ur location  & that u have almost no reception  - I was told that they would send a booster out to you for free if they can confirm your location  ...


Re: Verizon signal booster?

We have a Verizon cell booster at our place where Cell service sucks and the booster in conjunction with our Wi-Fi provides reliable service as long as all the stars are in proper alignment.

George Brown
Twisp, WA


Re: Verizon signal booster?

Wilson electronics! By far the best company for boosters. We have used the same one in Alaska for years and it is rock solid. Not cheap but worth it.