Topic: When it rains it pours

Just recently our landlord passed away and the rental that we were planning on residing in for years was taken back by the bank. Now we were just served an eviction notice by  "the estate" which is acting as a legal entity. The notice is asking that we have all of our belongings out by May 5th.

Having spoken to a few people I've been told that as tenants we legally have 90 days before we have to have our things out, I have also been told 30 days. Either way 20 days seems like quite a crunch especially since we don't know where we are  going from here.

Any advice or support or leads on places would be greatly appreciated at this time.
Thank you ,
Sarah and Josh
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Re: When it rains it pours

IANAL (thank goodness).

There must have been contact information on the eviction notice.  I'd suggest calling them up and politely offering to be moved out by the end of May. 

If that doesn't work, I'd suggest contacting nwjustice.org or hiring an attorney to write them a letter making the same offer.

David Bonn


Re: When it rains it pours

Washington State Attorney Generals office is great help in understanding particulars of landlord tenant laws here.

A call to them can really help! And it is free.

Ronda Bradeen