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Topic: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

We're on!  another Making Hot Sauce 101 class!

Saturday March 10, 2018, 12-4pm
Twisp Grange hall
$40 per person
Class size-12

Join Us and learn how to make and safely bottle homemade hot sauces.  After sampling some sauces and introductions, we'll talk about food safety, capsaicin, pH, Nasties, and more.  Then participants will divide up into teams to make/cook/bottle/label different sauces using the provided ingredients, bottles, and recipes. 

Sometimes people follow the recipes, sometimes they go way out into left field and do their own thing.  That's part of the fun of the making hot sauce 101 class.  We never know what's going to be made.

After everyone is done and the sauces are named and labeled, everything gets divided up and attendees go home with all the different sauces that were made.

$40 covers all the ingredients, bottles, labels, kitchen rent, people will go home with at least 12 spicy things.

Potential Sauces on the list for this class*-
Fermented jalapeño sauce- medium
peach habanero chutney (thanks, packrat, for the recipe!)
spicy steak sauce-
a medium heat sweet fruity sauce-
Jerk sauce
aaaannd????? suggestions?

*the number of class participants will dictate how many sauces are made.

Time is a bit flexible if people would rather go 1-5pm.


Please bring a food processor or VitaMix if you have one.  It helps to have a couple machines for people to use.
Please post questions here, and either post here or send me an email if planning to attend.

text- 509-997-2572 (509-99-SALSA) ;)


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

I'm setting up a green fermented sauce, which will be like a green sriracha.  The Hoy Fong Sriracha uses red jalapeño peppers which are impossible to find right now.  I'll bring a bottle of red sriracha I made last fall which is REEAALLY good so everyone can look forward and plan on making a red ferment this fall when local ripe jalapenos are in season.   

Oh!  That reminds me!  I was thinking of sending everyone home with a ferment of their own to grow!  Oh, this is gonna be fun!!!

I'm also working on a spicy steak sauce and a caribbean jerk sauce. 

People who have expressed interest-
csonnich (and friends?)

Please confirm if you are planning to attend on Saturday March 10th, 12-4pm. 



Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

And another confirmed via PM-


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Hi Ann,

Of course I am IN terested ;)


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

and you are IN~to the list! 

Looking forward to chatting with you~

Several other folks have signed up by PM, Thanks for your interest, this is going to be a great afternoon.


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Please sign me up if there's room for one more! I also sent you an email. Sammy


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Hi slasky, you are in. 
There are 2 or 3 spots available.   I don't have a confirmation from RedRonda, but I am holding a spot for her, which would leave 2 spots open.


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Ann, my participation is going to depend on Dr Apts in Wenatchee, so best to consider me tentative and if you have others ready to confirm by all means take them!!!

Ronda Bradeen


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Thanks for the update, Ronda. 

I'll keep everyone updated on the sauces.  There's something cool lined up for a ferment, not sure if the jerk sauce will work for the class, but the steak sauce is good, and I have a peach champagne sauce that's really good!


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

i am interested! Jenny


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

hi Jenny, I'll add you to the list.  Thanks for your interest!

I just received some fermentation tops that fit on wide mouth mason jars!  They are pretty cool, no idea if they actually work! -LOL- But they have great reviews and I'm excited to try them out. 

At the class, everyone will make their own ferment and take it home.  I'll bring some wide mouth quart jars with rings and the burper tops.  There will be some jalapenos for a milder ferment and some habaneros for a hotter ferment as well as fruit, onion, garlic, and people are free to use anything else that may be available at the class to add to their ferments.  I have some peaches on order for the chutney and one of the other sauces, there should be some available if people want to add that to their ferment as well as apples.

In the past we've mentioned fermentation as a part of making hot sauce.  At this class, we'll spend a little time talking about fermentation and how that works for making sauces.


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

hey, what happened to the last couple posts in this thread?
They were not opinions and one even had a person's name in it! 

Oh well, must of been part of the Thursday Purge.

SO!  Back on topic....again!!!

All the class spots have been spoken for.  There may be a cancellation or 2, things happen at the last minute. So if someone wants to attend, please let me know and I'll keep  your name (and contact information if the BB doesn't erase it again!!!)

I think there was a bunch of information about the class that also got deleted.  Let me know and I'll post again. 
Owner of Texas Creek Products
Seller of Texas Creek Salsa
Proprietor of Pure Evil Products
contact info-
cell- 509-99-SALSA

PS- I don't make any money on these classes.  Despite the enrollment cost, I do not come close to break even.  These do help the Grange Hall with a bit of rental income, and hopefully others will see the hall and think to use it if they need a place for an event.

I have so much fun seeing others learning how to make their own sauces.  Knowing people have taken what they have learned and made their own sauces, that is my reward.


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

At this point we have 10 new people and 4 returning people.  We'll make it work somehow.  One project will be a seasoning blend that won't need stove space, so that will help with the Organized Chaos that happens in the kitchen. 

Since we have mostly new people, I'm going to bring back a couple sauces from previous classes that were really popular. 

Sauce list is-
Spicy Steak Sauce
peach champagne sauce
Make-n-Take ferment
peach chutney
fire roasted tomato/hab sauce
world peace (whirled peas ;) )
tailings seasoning salt

If one or two people can come to the hall an hour early and help haul stuff in, I would really appreciate it and would discount their class fee.


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Is there still a spot open for the class?
Shelli :)


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Horse_chick, I think we can fit you in.  Looking forward to meeting you.

As of now, the class really is full.  :)  I'll have to put others on a standby list.

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Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th


I've been trolling the interwhebz for sauce ideas and decided to make a Trinidad Pepper Sauce!   

It'll be REEAAAALLY spicy as it is traditionally made with scotch bonnet peppers, but we'll also make a milder version.  It won't be actually MILD, but will be mild-ER.  I have orange habs, yellow fatalii, and red 7 Pot chilis.  That should do the trick!  -LOL- 

Revised Sauce list is-
Spicy Steak Sauce
peach champagne sauce
Make-n-Take ferment
peach chutney
fire roasted tomato/hab sauce
tailings seasoning salt

A couple days ago, I ran a jalapeño ferment through the food mill and put the tailings in a dehydrator.  MMMmmmm it smells soooo goood in the salsa kitchen right now!  That is destined for the seasoning salt. 

And, one other Bonus Sauce since right now we have 14 and a half people attending.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Bring an apron, bring a beer, bring a food processor if you have one.....

One person arriving early (11:00am) to help load in.  We could use one more person~  Let me know if you can help.



Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Volunteers have stepped up for helping out with loading in.  Thank you! 

See y'all soon!


Re: Making Hot Sauce Class- March 10th

Last Update and LOCATION! 

The Twisp Grange Hall is located about 3 blocks west of Hwy 20 on Twisp River Road.  Turn at North Cascade Bank, the Grange Hall is next to the fire hall about 3 blocks out on the right.

We'll be in the basement.  Front door and side door will be open. 

A couple people have cancelled, so we'll have a nicely full class of 12-ish. 

See y'all Saturday at 12:00!