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If you've never been to the montana mine, you might want to see it before it's destroyed by falling snags or burned in a fire.  There's a bunkhouse that's in pretty good condition.  Straight up the hill about 300' from the bunkhouse is the mine portal.  If you sidehill to the left, you'll find another old log structure, then another portal that is caved in.  Follow the old flume down the hill and there is a pretty good example of a stamp mill, although more trees have damaged the lower part of it.  To get to this mine, go out goat creek road to west fawn creek road. Turn right on that road, go for 3 miles until you see a road off to your left (the 300 road).  Go up the 300 road for 2.4 miles.  You'll see a road off to your right. Park there (the road is blocked) and hike up an old road for exactly 1056 feet.  You'll see a trail off to the left.  If you're not good at pacing, just go up the road, and it will make a sweeping turn to the right and there will be a big dead pine tree down that you have to go around.  You'll see two aspen trees there. The trail is just to the left of the aspen trees.  Follow the trail about 30-45 minutes to the mine.  There are many down trees across the trail, so if you bring a small chainsaw, it will make it easier for everyone else who comes after you.

Brent Tannehill


Re: montana mine info and directions

Directions are spot on.  Thanks we went today.

Trail is in great shape but for the trees and like it was said, if someone could get there with a chainsaw that would help tremendously.  I'd even go out too and help.

Here is a piece of history on the mine.

Thanks again Brent.

Bob Sutherland