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Topic: Winter Rental Mazama Area?

Hey y'all.

Looking ahead to the coming winter, and actually farther out into spring and summer next year...

My last week of Forest Service work is this week. I plan to do some shoulder season travel before coming back to the Valley December 1 to ski and work on the ambulance for Aero-Methow.

Anyway, just seeing if anybody in the Mazama area is keen to fill a rental, house-sitting or property tending gig this winter. 

A month to month, 6 month or 1 year lease would work by me too.

Let me know Methow...



Re: Winter Rental Mazama Area?

Nick:  I have a studio apartment underneath my house which is
4 miles South of Winthrop.  This would be convenient if you
work out of Aero Methow in Twisp but I imagine it's up in Mazama.
It's a very nice little apartment and is heated by the house and wall heater in the apartment so there is no electric bill to pay.  I have internet also.  I am looking for someone that can be very quiet between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM and someone who cleans.  I
am asking $475.00 a month, first and last, and a $600.00 deposit.
I do a month to month lease.  I do background and credit checks.
If interested, please email me a beckymethow@gmail.com.


Re: Winter Rental Mazama Area?

Hey Nick...let me know if this place doesn’t work out for you, because I might be interested! Thanks! ~Sami


Re: Winter Rental Mazama Area?

Hey good morning Sami and Dandelion.

Thank you for getting back to me here. I am looking for something more up in the great north Mazama area...

Sami feel free...

Take care y'all,



Re: Winter Rental Mazama Area?

Sami. We have an ad on BB located on Studhorse Mtn Rd. Bronson 996 3218