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Anyone interested in forming a filmmaking group? 

I know there are several filmmakers in the Valley, from hobbyists to professionals, and many more folks that have no experience, but are interested.

I have been involved with the medium for quite a few years in such disciplines as acting, writing, directing and shooting anything from a web-series to a low-budget feature.   A few of you may know me from my theater performances at the Merc over the previous Summers.

Thought that I would put this out there to test the waters.  I plan on producing a project over the winter and would enjoy collaborating with others, getting together to shoot the sh!t, or even just meeting to catch a film at Winthrop's great new movie house!

Thanks for your time.

Christopher Behrens

Christopher Behrens


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I am interested. Have a background in 48 hr comps. Would like to have a competition like that here in the valley.

Mark Easton


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Hey, Mark.

Nice to meet you.

Christopher Behrens


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Hey! jamie.petitto@gmail.com.

Have made videos around the Methow. One such example: https://vimeo.com/214297861

Hit me up!


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I'm interested in joining in.  Here is a example of my work.




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I am interested. Mostly for my own fun, but would be willing to contribute time & energy if someone proposed to produce a video that inspired me.

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Cool.  Wasn't sure what the response would be to this posting.

I want to leave this on the board for a few more days before putting a list together of those interested, in hopes of finding other interested filmmakers - then we can collectively discuss a direction we want this group to go in.

AND if you have no experience, but want to get involved, please do!


P.S.  If you want to leave your email on this posting or contact me with your email via the "Email" tab under my screen name in the box on the left, I will add your name to the group list to contact you later with further information.

Christopher Behrens


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I would definitely be interested in meeting filmmakers in the valley.  I am a bit rusty, but hope to get back into it soon.
Here is the last piece I completed:  oilandwaterfilm.com



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Corwin Fergus, that was a very affecting film.  Great job.  All shot on film?

Beautiful cinematography, poetry, and narration.  Powerful!


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Thanks to everyone that has responded, both via the bulletin board and private email.

For those interested and those still contemplating the group, tell me what you envision when you think of a "filmmakers group"?

It would be best if we can define what each of us is looking for, so that we don't waste time with incompatible agendas.

For me, my main agenda is to find a group of people that can call on each other to work on projects together, give feedback on a script, a video clip, recommendations on equipment, outside perspective, etc. 

How about you?  What do you want?

I will send this out in an email in the next week, along with possible other questions for the group that you think I should ask - such as assets - capability wise(your best skill in filmmaking - i.e. directing/shooting/sound/editing/writing, etc.) and physical, such as cameras, mics, lighting - or not.

Let me know.


Christopher Behrens


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I agree that developing a network is a very good plan. My experience base and expertise is SO limited other than costumes and script critique (working a read thru to see that the language works, dialect, accent issues, timing etc.) I am a loss as to the tech aspects but I have noticed that in many films there are people talking... and often wearing something..
Ronda Bradeen


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Ronda - two great skills.

Christopher Behrens

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Emails sent.

Never too late to join, unless we don't get enough to form a group...

(8 thus far)

Don't let that happen.

Be BRAVE ; )

Join us.

Christopher Behrens