Topic: WANTED: cardboard boxes

Hi there, we are moving and are in need of cardboard boxes for packing things up.  Well, any useful boxes/totes would be helpful actually

thanks for looking!

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Re: WANTED: cardboard boxes

Jake, There was a post a couple of weeks ago regarding moving boxes and clean packing paper.
I nabbed some up, they still have loads, email me w your phone number and I will give you their phone number.

Don Elsiing


Re: WANTED: cardboard boxes

Hi Jake, I have a LOT of good boxes & material we've just unpacked. Very happy to pass them on. We're in Twisp. Can text/call me at 2o6 369 5769


Re: WANTED: cardboard boxes

I have several HD Walmart cardboard boxes you can have. They are flat so I can store them more easily, but I am getting overrun with cardboard so will give them to whoever can use them. Call 996-2709 Chrystal


Re: WANTED: cardboard boxes

We recently unpacked and have a lot of boxes. I am saving the medium-sized ones for a friend who can use them but you are welcome to the large and small ones.

Irina Vodonos