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I just noticed that my phone isn't working here in Winthrop. It hasn't worked in Twisp or Okanogan for months & months, but no coverage in Winthrop is a new thing. Is that what other T-Mobil people are experiencing?

Emily Sisson

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yes i've got a pre-paid minutes t-mobile cell,,the reception used to be normal/ok when i first got the phone...i don't use it very often,i did notice this summer that i barely get a signal,,zero at home,,zero in twisp,,to my surprise i did get a signal out at the blues site earlier this summer,the other day tried a call south of twisp,,no go....i plan on calling t-mobile to find out whats their deal? borderline useless?? be a good idea for other t-mobile users to call them too...william tell


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T-Mobile was using ATT roaming up until the first of the year when ATT turned it off. Since then, T-M is only transmitted from the tower on Patterson Mtn.

T-M put up a tower last summer on McClure and is supposedly close to starting service there, but it might be tomorrow or it might be November.

T-M is in the process of putting in a tower on Goat Mtn near Pateros, so it'll be a while before service starts there.

If you're a subscriber and get no bars at home, they'll send you a mini-cell device that routes calls over the Internet. Give them a call.

Paul Brown


Re: T-Mobile in Winthrop

For whatever reason, my phone started working again yesterday. Thank you Paul & William Tell, for the info.

Emily Sisson