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Topic: When There Is An Accident...

...like the vehicle-pedestrian accident at the South Bridge in Winthrop, and traffic is backed up, and citizen volunteers are trying to tend to the injured while working to help traffic move through the single lane open on the curve before local EMS arrives. So sorry you were delayed and inconvenienced for a couple of minutes in your big macho silver diesel Dodge Ram type pickup truck. Next time, try exercising a little caution, prudence and patience, and some sort of safe driving oriented courtesy to those who are trying to help the situation.  We all have better things to do that sit in traffic, by why risk exascerbating the situation with your selfish and negligent/reckless driving behavior?

Rick Lewis


Re: When There Is An Accident...

Rick, it wasn't me, I can't afford the Silver Diesel Ram.   But I do have one question for you or someone else.  The very few times I have gone over the Bridge to Winthrop why are people still walking on it when all that money was spent putting in the pedestrian bridge?  It is dangerous, not sure what happened in this case but can they close the one bridge to pedestrians?  It is not just there by the way, out of control drivers from Methow to Mazama.  Thanks Carrie Peterkin

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Re: When There Is An Accident...

Wish I had an answer for you, but I don't.  The walk over the Spring Creek bridge is so much safer and purely an aesthetic pleasure.  Seems like a no brainer.  Maybe some signage for peds that helps them use the pedestrian bridge to get where they want to go.  Could be people are not aware they can get to the same place, in almost the same number of steps by using the new bridge.

I didn't suspect it was you, Carrie.  Unless you have grown a prominent mustache recently.

Rick Lewis


Re: When There Is An Accident...

If there is not one, a trail map signboard at the highway end of the bridge would be a really good idea.

David Wilkinson

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Re: When There Is An Accident...

Rick are you sure this was even a local that was the problem?

There is a pedestrian walkway on the south bridge and it is safe, when pedestrians walk as they are supposed to by using the walkway, but like bicyclists there are those that insist on failing to use common sense.  What isn't safe is bicycles on the roads in the Methow. Most all of the roads are narrow with no shoulder, yet bicyclist insist on riding 2 and 3 wide and ignoring stop signs and fail to yield to traffic they are holding up and lately they' re even riding against traffic, all the while they are supposed to obey the rules of the road.
Funny how roads were designed and built for vehicles and vehicles have to pay to use those roads yet bicyclists think they own the roads.
If the accident was a pedestrian vehicle incident guess the vehicle was at fault because the pedestrian decided to cross over the roadway instead walking down the stairs and under the bridge. Common sense and safety fails again.
It appears this is another example of why warning labels should be removed from everything dangerous and hazardous and let nature sort things out.

Molon Labe
Vern Herrst

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Re: When There Is An Accident...

I am not a bike rider, but I do not think they are the problem. The problem is, and I have said this before and I will say it again, the problem is the impatient drivers of the cars trying to pass a person on a bike. (Yes, I said "the driver" and not the "car itself.") These impatient people will try passing even if there is a car coming the other way, and when you say there is no edge on the road for a bike, there really is none for an on coming car. These are the same drivers, I believe that back out of a parking spot, in to on coming traffic in the town of Winthrop with out even looking first.