Topic: Flower report for Tiffany?

Hi, Anybody been up there lately?  how's the road?  And the flowers?


Re: Flower report for Tiffany?

The road is fine, sketchy  as normal near the top.  I was there two weeks ago, still had patches of snow, there were no wildflowers out. Actually had water running in the upper meadow. Bruce Herron

Bruce Herron Wolf Creek


Re: Flower report for Tiffany?

Last Sunday evening-  Lupine and Paintbrush are out, some already beyond bloom.  Strawberries are also blooming.  We did not hike to the lake, however.  Take some bug deterrent as the biting flies and mosquitoes are healthy and active this year.

The road is okay, however there are some obstacles to avoid.  On 37 above the First Butte turnoff there is a large boulder in the middle of the road on a startight stretch and plenty of room around it.  Also, just before you get to the lower meadow before the last climb up to Tiffany Campground there is a washout trench across the road, marked by cones.  It is a stop and go really slow through it deal, though.

Did I mention the bugs?

Rick Lewis


Re: Flower report for Tiffany?

I was there on wednesday.  I took the trail from Freeze out pass up toward the mountain.  Tons of flowers in bloom!  No bugs up there, but maybe I just got lucky.  And, believe it or not, it was kind of cold.

Brent Tannehill


Re: Flower report for Tiffany?

Did you hear Wolves treed a worker there today and had to be rescued by helicopter?  Carrie Peterkin