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When the Cascades highway was nearing completion in the late '70s the Weeman Bridge was still a one-lane artifact, but being stripped of the steel work on the existing  bridge. 

The derelict steel was either carted away (probably to Japan to be a Toyota) and more massive pieces tossed into the river alongside the new footings.  In this  instance a monstrous chunk of steel landed next to the Southeast footing, its rusty remains close to shore.

In those days the Mazama Community Club was a pretty tightly knit group. A bunch, maybe 25 of us, decided to have a farewell  party one night. It was overlooking the deceased steel timber, soon to be removed.

The group gathered around a substantial central fire, and most of the people were carrying long- burning candles, singing a song to the tune of "This Land Is Your Land", with words appropriate for the long used bridge piece, now drowned in the Methow.

Up in town at the far end, Mary and Eric Thompson owned the Trails End Motel.  Sometime during the frolicking at the river a man and woman checked in at the motel.   The woman, so I was told, excitedly told Mary that the bridge they had crossed half an hour ago appeared to have a cadre of Devil  Worshipers, with many strange people carousing holding candles. Knowing the nature of locals, the woman as told not to worry, but felt the police should be called.  I don't remember seeing any County Mounties, but as with many of the attendees, Demon Rum or various suds probably ruled the evening.

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sorry I missed it


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maybe there should be a re-enactment


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It was wonderful.