Topic: Ikea oven repair

Anybody know a thing or two about Ikea ovens?  Our Ikea Whirlpool (DATID OV8) forced air oven konked out last week- the clock works but no power to the unit otherwise.  Ikea references online provide little help.


Re: Ikea oven repair

Propane or electric?

If it's electric:  The clock might have a battery for backup power just for it.  If that is the case then the breaker could have tripped (turned off).  To reset it, turn it all the way to the off position, then back on.  If it stays there, try the oven again.  If it turns off right away, there's an electrical short somewhere.  Don't panic!  The fact of a tripped breaker is preventing harm.

If it's propane:  Could be the same cause.  Otherwise there are safeguards to disable them if there are propane problems, which I am less familiar with.  There is a module that ignites the gas; I had a stove in a rental where it had failed but being a rental I never tried to fix it.

email me if you want to discuss.  I'm not a professional repair guy, but  I'm pretty handy.  I volunteer for Methow at Home if you are in a position to avail yourself of it's services.