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Here's the inciweb link: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/5409/40048/


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Basically the FS has let this one go. I posted six weeks ago that the eightmile and Lost River drainages should be the priority.. If it gets in the upper valley it will be catastrophic.

Bruce Herron Wolf Creek


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“From the start, the extreme terrain and fuel loading has limited the direct response actions that might normally be taken to put out a fire,” said Agency Administrator, Erin Uloth. “Crews have been working for weeks to protect our communities and we will continue to do so where it is safe to engage this fire.”

karlukkid, to be fair, I believe they have been working very hard on this fire.  There is much that we are not privy to.  What are you basing your comment "Basically the FS has let this one go." on?

Susan Finn, Twisp WA


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Look at the results.

Bruce Herron Wolf Creek

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finns I agree with you. I am looking at the results and I think it a minor miracle that the firefighters got the fire stopped in the eightmile drainage. Without that stop it would probably be in the Chewuch drainage. Also, Its not like they have no other fires to deal with. My only criticism of the forest service is that they didn't ban campfires in early July.

Dean Kurath

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As someone said early on another post it is all about increasing their budget for next year, however one must take into consideration that this ranger district  has not adequately managed this districts forest for several years they have insisted that the only way to manage is through fire instead of putting crews out there to reduce the material. Heck if it wasn't for the outfitters, Backcountry Horseman, and numerous individuals the trails would not of even been passable.
Personally I think it is time this ranger got fired and sent on his merry way so he can destroy the forest in another area.

If he is basing it on things like I am they have only been working hard on it after it crossed into Canada ( last 2 weeks)and got their butts on the hot seat. Think back to the meeting in early July where they said they were working to keep it from crossing the border and several other places
Vern Herrst


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90 percent of the reason we are in such a mess with respect to forest health and fire safety is eight decades of active fire suppression.  It boggles the mind how the solution to eight decades of active fire suppression could be ... more active fire suppression.

There is a saying about organizations that when they don't know what to do, they do what they know.

David Bonn

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Has anybody else thought about how just plain bizarre the Diamond Creek fire has been?

Historically large fires in this area track west to east.  Sometimes with a strong northeast tilt (30 Mile, Tripod, Farewell).  Sometimes with a tilt to the southeast (Carlton Complex).  Sometimes they shoot due East (Needle Creek, Twisp River). 

I can't recall any large fire in this area that put out tentacles in four different directions.  I also can't recall any large fire in this area that has jumped over or into multiple burned-over areas (at least three so far).

David Bonn

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The forest Service admitted to starting fires in different areas via helicopter, all In the name of preventing the spread and controlling the direction check past Incidence reports Gues that didn't work to good for them eh?  USFS = United States Fire Starters
Vern Herrst


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I wasn't able to attend the meeting at the barn last night and have been unable to find out what was covered. Was there any new insight into what is planned for fighting the fire (hopefully) more actively?

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I'll give an executive summary:

Fire personnel are concerned about this fire and the extreme behavior it has shown.  The 4-5 mile runs from the Ashnola into the Cathedral Lakes basin are considered a harbinger of things to come.

They have built an elaborate series of fire lines from the Chewuch Road to the Lost River road.  These lines are 5-10 miles south of the active fire perimeter.  If they have an opportunity (due to favorable winds) they will start a backfire to secure the community from a wildfire catastrophe.

Upper Eightmile Creek is described as "cold".

At the moment the portion of the fire that most threatens homes and private property is the area around Butte Pass in upper Monument Creek.  The concern is with the cold front due to be passing through tonight we could have winds out of the north that will push the fire down Monument Creek to the homes around Lost River.

Nationally wildland firefighting resources are fully allocated.  That's what "preparedness level 5" really means.   What that means for us is that unless we are visited with terrifying mayhem we are unlikely to receive additional help.

David Bonn


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Thank you for the synopsis! Hopefully those lines don't get tested. I guess we can pray for rain and rake pine needles.


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Here is a current map of the Diamond Fire. The southward growth in upper Monument Creek seems anomalous, compared with the prevailing wind and the westward growth in the Ashnola, although admittedly that is driven by fuel.

In my experience, fires in our area tend to track north more than west, but yes, east and south is still a bit anomalous. Exceptions can occur when we have fronts come in that can push south. For example Tripod moved continuously northward a half mile a day for 90 days, except for two days of extreme wind when it moved southward 2 miles. These are approximate figures BTW.

Map here:

-Be prepared-
George Wooten


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Aerial reconnaissance this afternoon over the Diamond Creek Fire reports the fire has backed into the Monument Creek drainage and is approximately 1-1 1/2 miles from the Level 2 action decision line.

Ray Peterson - Winthrop

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If you are in the affected Evac area for this fire or any emergency in the future something you might want to do well ahead of time.

Identify those things that you will NOT be taking with you when you do evacuate and take pictures of them and transfer those pictures either to a flash drive or CD, for safe keeping, for future reference, in case those items need to be replaced. When trying to remember what all you had you undoubtedly will forget items.


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I have read the posts on this thread and wonder if anyone has been or knows anyone who has been up at Harts Pass. It is not in the closed area and I met some backpackers recently who said it was fine to camp up there and there was not smoke. Has anyone or do you know of anyone who has been up there in the last 2 days. The FS people at the meeting the other night said it was not a closed area and this is fine to go there, but the fire can change things rather quickly and I can't find any updated info on inciweb. Thanks!


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I have been up there a couple times in the past three weeks. Last time was this past Sunday. There was no smoke and amazing views of the smoke plume to the east. It was early in the day. On the way back down the smoke was drifting back up. I think you will find it variable with different wind pattens. Looks like it may clear out for the next day or two.  Probably not the place to be on a REALLY active fire day since there is only one way out.

John Harter


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In response to Mazama John, "... REALLY active fire day..." This is what I am trying to determine if today and tomorrow is that kind of day. Inciweb has not been updated since the 6th and I spoke to the FS at the community meeting and they did not voice concern, but what is the fire doing now is my question to help determine if it is an active fire day(s). And when up there, how will we know how active it is? I don't have a smart phone or data to check.


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@Lilacs and Larks. I was at Hart's Pass and hiked through to Rainy on Tuesday 9/5. Lots of smoke, no views the entire 31 miles.