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True Sue:

From what I've seen on published photos this is going to be an enormous undertaking for the WADOT and whoever they contract with to fix the loss of the entire road base in that section of road at MP 221. 

Going to be interesting to see what the DOT engineers come up with as a fix for that section of road.

George Brown
Twisp, WA


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Take Finley Canyon Rd up to the ridge and down Devils into the Chilowist?
Ronda Bradeen


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Tried that.  Almost made it but 16" snow at top.  A couple more weeks?  Lots of downed trees and deep ruts.  4x4 must. We were well above the devils when we were stopped.  Chains saw recommended.


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Thanks Crown S
Good info.
These back roads are SO important!!!
We are already seeing only one road out of the valley and it isn't even fire season yet...
Ronda Bradeen


Re: Loop Loop

Maybe it is good news that the seemingly never-ending train of dump trucks has stopped heading up to the loop.

Gary Ott