4 Don't wait

by piston

5 seeking bubble wrap

by Methow Arts

6 Wreaths and Swags

by emilypost

7 Huge online tech sale.

by DaTechGuy

8 FS Woodstove

by Gary

10 Free Cars U-Haul

by randr17

14 Volunteers needed for Jamiesplace

by jamiesplaceafh

20 found I-pad

by mvcc

22 Kids downhill skis: 120cm, 130cm

by joeleetalbert

23 boat for sale (sob)

by mudbug

24 wanted

by smokinjoeroper

25 found knit hat

by methowvisitor

26 Firewood for sale

by hdc

28 Want to buy: cabinets

by joe_b

29 Xbox one for ps4

by DaTechGuy